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Please join John Forté for the first private screening of “The Russian Winter” in the Winter Garden of the Embassy of the United States in Moscow at 12:30pm on 28 September 2011.

John Forte in Forbes

A few months ago I wrote about the remarkable story of John Forté, the Grammy-nominated musician freed from prison two years ago by way of a last-minute pardon from a very unlikely source: George W. Bush.

Today, Forté approaches life with a mixture of wonder and urgency that perhaps only someone who’s making up for lost time could muster. Since the end of 2008 the former Fugees-affiliated singer/rapper/producer/songwriter has recorded more than 60 songs, performed over 40 concerts, started work on a memoir and embarked on a lucrative public speaking career. That’s not enough to earn a spot on our annual Hip-Hop Cash Kings list (at least not yet), but the new gigs have given Forté plenty of flexibility.